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Wet Fantasy

By Billie Star Link to site
Original production
7K 39:12

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Avatar LordCrash

I just subscribed only for wet scenes like this one. I love this content, sooo good! Thanks so much for creating those and please continue to do them! Like petermc, I'm already a subscriber on SLR but I'll continue to support you here and stay subscribed if you continue to produce such amazing content for us. :)

Avatar g2kbuffetboy

Maddy <3 Thank you for so much Maddy love!!! Can never have enough of her!

Avatar g2kbuffetboy

@SinsVR I am a man of culture! =)

Avatar sinsvr

I am glad to find your praise here, I was thinking that you were mostly a GFE guy...

Avatar petermc

Very nice scene. Even without the bonus wet action, this is the best anal scene on the site in a long time. Some nice doggy positions, nice straight reverse cowgirl position too rather than the girl going sideways on as often happens. Deepthroating as well. I personally prefer more pee in the mouth rather than on the body but that depends on how comfortable the model is doing that. It’s good to have it at all. Thank you.