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Billie Star


About Billie Star studio

She is tattooed, loves high heels, sexy clothes and fancy handbags, her nipples get hard at the slightest touch, this is a sure way to lit the fire of her libido for naughty fun, she enjoys hard sex and anal, we can only be talking about the stunning Billie Star!

So the studio wearing her name will feature dedicated scenes with Billie Star and her friendsĀ in the hottest 3D Virtual Reality, 2D cinematographic, and extrem 6K Gonzo in the serie "The Kinky interviews".

Since her debut in 2013, Billie Star has since appeared in hardcore lesbian sex videos as well as (interracial) gangbangs. She prides herself on having mastered the double anal penetration and intends to keep honing her butt gaping skills to impress her expanding fan base of Virtual Reality aficionados...

Billie Star content is always HOT! so, keep tuned...