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Strip for me, Darling

By SinsVR Link to site
Original production
7K 49:32

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Avatar petermc

Hot girl and always great to see anal but she seemed a little inexperienced as far as VR goes. Couldn't seem to stay in one place for more than a few seconds before shifting around and didn't get into great positions to accentuate her body in any of the positions. If this is a hard scene, can we not see these girls taking some slaps to the face. Only if they are cool with it of course.

Avatar petermc

I did say that you can only do it if the models are cool with it, I would never want any model to be forced to do anything or to be disrespected if they stated that it was not something they do. I only ask as a lot of these models appear elsewhere and do rough scenes for those sites so I assume they are ok with it. Anyway, it's not something I bring up anymore as it seems like something you no longer do.

Avatar sinsvr

I see the slapping topic coming back in some of your comment. We do not force models to do nothing that they do not want... A war is ragging from Payment Providers on us, and they would be too happy to shut us down at the first complain... so we respect what is expected from us: Respect the models! Candy was a very beginner when we shot this scene and she specified: "no slap on my face, I have fake teeth..." sooo...

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