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Nici Xdream

Nici Xdream

Nici Xdream



86 (C) - 64 - 92



Weight / Height

48 Kg / 168 cm

Hair / Eyes

Brunette / Grey/Gold


It is some models who come to your Studio like a total surprise! Nici Xdream is one of those, one day I totally ignored all of Nici, The next day she entrered in the small club of my very favorite models!

Nici is a very attractive woman with shinning bicolor (!!!) eyes, a very communicative smile, and a slender body. The second surprise came when her bra went down, exposing these enhanced round boobs and their tattoos. The way the ribbons has been tattooed around hard nipples to crowned the enhanced boobs had me surprised and delighted... If like me, you enjoy enhanced boobs, you will like these, thats for sure...

I had also no idea of Nici style of shooting and I discovered with amazement that she likes her sex very hard, and very deep... and do no think that we pushed Nici to do anything, all what she performes in her scenes is what she likes...  so the only thing that I can advise you, is to grab your headset and enjoy the scenes of this amazing woman...

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